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Hi, welcome to my Health & Wellness Page.

I was surprised and concerned when I picked up a container of baby cream in the supermarket the other day and it didn’t have One ingredient mentioned on the label. Scientists tell us that 20 minutes after putting something on the skin, it is in the blood stream.

You can test this by putting some crushed garlic or vapor rub under baby’s feet, cover it, then put some socks on to hold it all in place. Sometime later the garlic or vapor rub is on their breath.
(These are wonderful cold remedies for baby, by the way.)

By buying products like this we are just giving our power away to businesses and corporations to make important decisions and choices for us. But can we trust businesses and corporations, who make products for monetary profits, to make the best choices and decisions for our Health & Wellbeing? Probably not.

Over time these pages will fill up with recipes and ideas to help us take our power back and make good informed choices and decisions about our Health & Wellness. Click a link below to go to the article

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A Doctor From the 1800’s View on Health

First Aid

Comfrey Infused Oil

Therapeutic Uses for Ginger

The Wonderful World of Edible & Medicinal Weeds – Chickweed

 The Magic of Plantain

Have you experienced Reiki or Hands on Healing





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