Life’s Victim

Life's-VictimThe following is a poem I wrote nearly 20 years ago about an aspect of life I observed around me.

Life’s Victim

Do I choose to be sad?
Do I choose to be bad?
No not I,
Why do you think I cry?

“It is the world out there
That is making me go spare.
It wont leave me alone
Until my spirit has flown
And I am left all alone
Just another clone.”

You wonder why I despair,
It really isn’t fair,
The world is a frightening place,
Just leave me alone to save face.

Why can’t I have a break
So I can stop being fake.
To stand on my own two feet
Is something I secretly seek
If only I had a choice . . . . . .
If only I could find my true voice . . . .

Do I really choose to be Life’s victim?




2 thoughts on “Life’s Victim

  1. Like the poem and the photo! I can relate. I don’t see you being a victim. Gandhi is a great role model. He was angry at first when kicked out of the “white” compartment of the train in South Africa. But then he decided to work for justice – not just for himself but for others. I see you doing really positive stuff with your website. Choosing to live simply yourself and teaching others what this means is a great contribution. Everyone has choices – look rationally at yours at this time. What do you feel most passionate about? Lots of love

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