7 Amazingly Simple Reminders for Happiness


Artwork by Lillie

I came across these 7 amazingly simple reminders for having a happier day and thought I would share them with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Say “No” to negativity. Negative emotions such as anger, frustration, envy, blame and impatience are normal in small doses. You can and will experience these emotions, but give yourself a time limit to stay in them.

2. Laugh out Loud. Open your clown chakra, by taking a deep breath and belly-laughing for two whole minutes straight. Laughter empowers you in hopeless situations, and gives you a sense of control when things around you seem to go crazy. If you can laugh at your situations you can survive them much more easily and comfortable. Don’t take Life or yourself too seriously.

3. Perform Random Acts of Kindness. Sharing abundance and goodwill makes people happy and gives you a warm feeling of satisfaction.

4. Give Your Inner Critic a Tea Break. Accept and give compliments rather than criticism and complaints.

5. Practice Shameless Affirmations. An affirmation is a short statement (present tense) of how you would like to be or how you would like things to be now. Make it a habit to repeat the affirmation quietly to yourself and out loud, as  often as you can remember. When your psyche hears, over and over again, how valuable you are as a person and how good your life is, you will start to believe it.

6. Choose how you respond to people and situations. You can either hide under the rock of denial and lash out and blame others, or you can behave with dignity, courage and humour. Know that you have the power to choose the image of a happy and confident person.

7. Dress for Success. A smile is the first thing someone notices about you. So remember to dress yourself in a smile.


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