Become Mindful – Stop Over Consuming

Mindful-ConsumingI haven’t heard it honestly said anywhere that the secret to a joyfully meaningful life is to buy a lot of stuff and consume as many resources as possible.

But still people are tempted to mindlessly over consume, creating stress, debt, long work hours, and a lifestyle they often don’t even recognize as their own anymore? If you are one of these people, consider using mindfulness to help make some changes.

Here are some points to consider:

Have you noticed – That people who are at ease and content within themselves, have fewer needs, are more able to enjoy what they have and naturally appreciate the simpler things in life.

You don’t need to be a ‘sheeple’ – Just because your neighbors, friends and so many others are chasing a certain lifestyle and even encouraging you to do the same, doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you. You are too unique to live like everyone else and your dreams and talents are too important to be wasted.

Stop and evaluate – Stop for a minute and look at the life you have created. Have your possessions come to feel more like a burden; a liability rather than an asset? Are you time poor, and not sure any more if what you have traded your life time for is worth it? Are you happy? Are you heading towards or living the life of your dreams? Are you living your life, or is your life living you?

“Too many people spend money they don’t have, to buy things they don’t want or need, just to impress people they don’t even like much.”

Notice what you have – Learn to enjoy and appreciation what you have. Find pleasure and contentment in the often overlooked ‘smaller’ things in life. Notice what you love about yourself and your life and spend more time and energy there.

Take care of what you have – If you take good care of the things you have, you will be able to enjoy them, problem free, for longer. If you take care of your health by eating seasonal, locally grown foods, get plenty of rest, exercise regularly, and reduce your exposure to toxins, you are likely to enjoy good health into old age. If you maintain your car and appliances regularly they too should remain problem free for longer.

Research rather than impulse buy – Look for the best quality product you can buy for the best price available. Look into pre loved purchases where you can end up with better quality for less. And what can also often happen, is that once the impulse of instant gratification has passed, you may no longer have the same interest in the purchase. Stop and Think before you purchase – you may already have more than enough.

Count the hidden cost – Henry David Thoreau said, ”The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” Too often, when we purchase an item, we only look at the purchase price. But this is rarely the full cost. We forget about the ongoing cost in dollars, time, energy, and focus (cleaning, organizing, maintaining, fixing, replacing and finally removing the item).

Try a no-shopping challenge – How often is shopping entertainment or a short term fix! Consumer spending has been exalted to a virtue in our society. But I can assure you it is anything but a virtue. Experiment with a no-shopping challenge of going 30 days without purchasing anything new that is not totally necessary.

Give more things away – You will be making others happy by sharing what you have, but also you become more comfortable with letting stuff go. Your life will feel lighter and brighter.


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14 thoughts on “Become Mindful – Stop Over Consuming

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  3. I have noticed that once we started saying “Is this a NEED or a WANT” we quickly started to see how few needs we really have. It helps to become mindful about what we are purchasing, and gives us the ability to get higher quality needs in place of the lower quality and higher quantity “wants”. Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday!

    • Hi Amanda, It is interesting to see just how few our actual needs to live a happy and fulfilling life are. Those of us who realize this are so much richer for it. Thank you for hosting Natural Living Monday for us to share our posts on.

    • Hi Michelle, It certainly is so much easier, more rewarding and enjoyable when you hop off the hamster wheel. The wonderful thing is that so many more people are finding that and hopping off. It is becoming so much more ‘main stream’ again now. Christie

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  5. I definitely agree. When I see people who are constantly shopping, you can see how they are being affected in a negative way. All the people I know who rely on possessions for happiness are not happy people themselves; they get caught up in playing a possession game. I am a strong believer in giving away your old things to people in need/ op shops. I also usually buy from opshops- it’s local, it’s cheap, it’s recycling, they are not big chain brands. As well as I set up a chart where I can only buy one thing a month, excluding opshop items. It feels really good to afford something you waited for. After all, there is more to life than buying things constantly; there is love and memories and peace, which are priceless. xx

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