A Personal Journey

Rainbow-ParrotLiving Better with Less is a personal journey, just like any other Life experience. What is important to and valued by each one of us, is unique. That’s what makes Life such a colorful tapestry. How much or how little is needed for each person to feel enough and meaningfully fulfilled, is unique.

It is all about choice. The freedom to choose one thing over another, one thought over another, is the power of our lives.

Society tries to tell us that we aren’t enough as we are, and that having more and better in our lives should be the goal and is the answer to Everything! But does it Really add value to us and our lives?

Does always wanting the latest gadget/technology really improve the quality of our lives? We have more, bigger, better, faster than we had 10, 20 or 30 years ago and we are even more dissatisfied, stressed and time poor than we ever were. There is more theft, violence and unhappiness in the world with each passing decade.

Buying into the concept that more equals better can mean we miss what we have at this moment. We’re constantly waiting for our lives to be complete with more/better, and striving for a day that can basically never come. If now is not enough, how will we ever recognize what Is enough. We only know and experience ‘not enough’. It is the continual drive for more that is the driving force rather than what we have or don’t have. We can’t enjoy today if we have labeled it inferior, lacking and not enough.

Too often in life we are focused on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. And we all know that what we focus on grows.

If we can focus on and are grateful for what we do have, then what we are grateful for grows.

Spend Less, Have More

When we spend less money on what really is unnecessary, we have more to spend in ways that are more meaningful to the uniqueness of who we are. As an example, having long showers means less to me, has less value to me than having to earn more money to pay for them. So I choose to take fewer and shorter showers and can live on less money. In my case, the money I save buys me more freedom and time to myself, but for someone else it might mean the ability to travel more, or to get closer to living freehold off-grid.

Start noticing what you need and value most and start to eliminate what doesn’t matter so much or that which feels more like a ‘have to’ or a burden.

We can recognize what is most important to us by the gratitude and appreciation we feel for it – Love. If we don’t really love something, it is not necessary to us. It needs to make us feel good, happy and excite or enliven us, or it is just clutter.
It is normal to feel fear at changes and letting go. But if something makes us feel sad, lifeless, burdened and like we ‘have to’, then that needs to be looked at first to see how necessary it really is to our happy, meaningfully fulfilled life.

Remember the words of Joseph Campbell, ” Follow your Bliss”. That’s where our purpose and passion is.

Quality rather than quantity

Less is More: More You, More Life, More Freedom, More Joy . . . it just is more meaningfully valuable to the Uniqueness of who you are.

What adds to your special, unique quality of Life and what takes away from it or buries it under a pile of clutter?

Ask yourself what is hindering you on your unique path to Living Better with Less.


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4 thoughts on “A Personal Journey

  1. Hi Christine, I really can relate to the more is less post, the one way I have always felt this belief is when comparing a “dozen” roses to a single rose. The dozen your eye sees all of them without their individual uniqueness, with the single rose you see it’s vibrant colour, how tall it stands, the depth of each petal. To me Less is always More.

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