What is Sustainable Living?

Pictures-005Climate change or no climate change, it is clear we have created an environment of pollution, toxic overload and resource depletion. None of which is sustainable. It is time for humanity to start embracing Sustainable ways of Living.

So what is Sustainable Living?

To me Living Simply, Naturally and Sustainably are basically synonymous with one another at their core. You can’t embrace one without positively affecting the other two.

Sustainability is about reducing our footprint or eliminating excess and living lightly on the Earth. Man’s influence on Life and environment is sustainable when it is able to be maintained without resource depletion, and personal or environmental pollution. Unfortunately this is not how humanity as a whole is living on the Earth at the moment.

People living sustainably tend to conduct their lives in a naturally balanced way and are respectful of humanity’s interdependent relationship with each other, the Earth, and the natural cycles and environment.

There are plenty of misconceptions with regard to sustainable living; primarily because sustainability can look different to everyone. The basic principles of sustainable living are universal, but the finer details are personal choices. At the end of the day it’s a personal journey down a path full of constant learning and lifestyle adjustments.

Sustainable living, as with living simply and naturally, is a deeply enjoyable and rewarding life that is minimally dependent on systems beyond our control, and is largely home and community based.

As the normal flow of our modern existence at present is not geared towards Simple, Natural or Sustainable Living, it is about living intentionally; being more thoughtful, personally informed and careful with our decisions and choices. It is a way of living where we take personal responsibility for our choices and decisions. We can naturally tend to function on autopilot, thoughtlessly doing what we have always done or what media says and ‘everyone else’ seems to be doing.

Did You Know?
Australians spend over $10.5 billion annually on goods and services that are never or hardly ever used. This is more than the total spent by governments on Australian universities and roads.
Over $5.3 billion worth of food was thrown away in 2004.
(Source – Australia Institute, 2005external link DP77)

“Today’s greed has no thought for tomorrows need”

There are many different views on what sustainability is and how it can be achieved. The original definition of sustainable development is usually considered to be:

“meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

So it’s about effecting change in order to improve our quality(as opposed to quantity) of life now, so our future generations may live! Sounds like a win – win scenario to me.

Being clear about what sustainability means is a critical step towards making it possible to actually achieve a sustainable home, environment and society.
Sustainability as with so many other worthwhile things in life, starts with each of us.

Sustainability is like being pregnant, or alive as opposed to dead. You either are or you are not. So something is either sustainable or it’s not. Something can’t be more or less sustainable. Something that is continuing to decline is hardly sustainable!

But if we don’t start making personal changes now, it never will be.
Discover or uncover, one step at a time, how to make changes in your life to support sustainability. Sustainability is something everyone can work towards… whether it is picking up garbage we see on the street, re-using, recycling and re-purposing what we already have, or boycotting a company that practices environmentally harmful business methods, we all can make a difference today.

How Sustainable is your Lifestyle?

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