What is Living Naturally?

POND It’s true, the word Natural means a lot of different things to different people. But on the whole, ‘Living Naturally’ does seem to be synonymous with ‘Going Green’.

This is what some people had to say about what it means to Live Naturally:

1. Natural or as Mother Nature or God intended, not as man (in his finite knowledge) insists things ‘should’ or ‘could’ be. Natural means chemical free and as close to the way Nature intended as possible. Natural is about working in accordance with Nature’s laws and rhythms, not against them.

2. Living Naturally is being more environmentally conscious. It can refer to many different approaches on how to make this earth a better place.

3. I like to think it has something to do with allowing nature to be part of our everyday life. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, spending time outdoors, recycling, and making better choices for ourselves and the environment.

4. It’s about living as close to our own natural inherent nature as possible. In the search for the key to a better life, getting back to basics and natural living got its start.

5. As many homes have been overrun by chemicals in foods, beverages, and cleaning products, families are realizing that they want to get back to the basics of natural living.

6. When the notion of natural living first burst on the scene, the talk was primarily about the dangers of pesticides. Now people have become more concerned about their health and wellness in all aspects of their lives.

7. Natural living encompasses every facet of our life. Ways must be found to curb the toxins and unhealthy behaviors that exist in today’s hectic lifestyles. To really live more naturally, ways must be found to purify our lifestyles from every angle.

8. Living Naturally is not buying from the supermarket, having a vege garden, using homemade cleaners and living in a low chemical and low processed way.

9. Today’s world is one of modern convenience, yet life seems more hectic than ever! As a result of all our technology, we spend more time on cell phones, the internet, watching TV, and in cars running around like high tech chickens with our heads cut off.

10. There are all kinds of different definitions for the word “natural”. Many foods and products are labeled “natural” in an attempt to appeal to the conscious consumer, but when you really look into it they aren’t as safe or healthy as they pretend to be.

What does Natural and Living Naturally mean to you?

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