Claude meets Esmeralda

Beach-copyA chance meeting by two strangers, on Hervey Bay Beach, happened something like this . . . . . so I’m told.

Esmeralda was small, almost fragile in appearance. She had the daintiest hands, that looked like they had never seen a days work. She was a vision of loveliness with her gorgeous auburn hair gently framing her exquisite face.

The fight had been particularly cruel and vicious this time. They had been escalating in frequency and intensity over the past few months. Ever since Antonio started going to those ‘improve your English’ classes, Esmeralda recalled. Lately, he had been trying out his new found English with her, more and more. Their relationship had not been based on much dialogue until then. He had seemed happy just to be with her, as long as she smiled a lot.

Antonio was an excellent provider. She had a zippy little silver sports car, and an extensive wardrobe that was the envy of all the girls at the bridge club. Antonio liked to take her to swanky places to eat, dance and be seen.

Now here she was, unceremoniously dumped on Hervey Bay Beach, in her newest cocktail outfit. They had been on their way to a much sort after gathering of the elite, when Antonio had just exploded, demanding she get out of the car and just go away. He had never treated her like that before, but he was so forceful she had done as he asked.

‘What did I say?’ she wondered.

Try as she did, she just couldn’t walk on the sand in her elegant high heel shoes. She wobbled and tottered, until in defeat, carried them in her hand. Sand underfoot was a new experience for Esmeralda. It felt so good. Her toes wiggled in glee. Then her feet started moving in a dance like motion, as if they had a mind of their own. Next thing her body was following her feet.

Esmeralda found herself dancing on the sand, in the late afternoon sun and in full view of anyone who might be on the beach. She twirled and swayed as if to some captivating inner rhythm.


Claude had been a business man and lawyer all his adult life. Coming from a long line of gentile business families, he had a natural grace and cultured air of authority about him. His tall, muscular frame added to his natural good looks.

Claude was down at the beach for his usual late afternoon swim. He looked forward to these welcome glimpses of freedom in his busy life, to recharge his body and mind.

Claude cut a striking figure in his red speedo’s, his wet body glistening as he walked back towards the beach and his waiting towel. As he neared the waters edge his eyes rested upon an apparition of free spirited loveliness, gracefully dancing on the sand. Blinking his eyes, Claude stared, awe struck. He felt too powerless to avert his gaze.

Claude felt himself drawn towards this free spirited apparition as if in some kind of trance. As he neared her, this vision of loveliness looked over toward him and their eyes met.

Not being a person who ever got tongue tied or short for words, all he could manage in this instance was a simple, Hello. He saw her, his vision of loveliness, move her mouth, forming words in response. He heard the sounds . . . . and recoiled as if he had been physically struck.

Had he heard right? Was she just teasing him? He waited for her to smile cheekily at him and in a sweet purring voice, tell him she was only being silly and teasing him.

But no, his vision of loveliness continued with
“Bugga me luv, ain’t ya the most beautiful piece of stud flesh I eva saw”

Claude’s jaw visibly tightened. With his wits suddenly returned to him, he turned on his heel, and strode off without another word.

Does this story have a moral to it? 




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