The Glorification of Busy

ducksWe talk about time going faster, and that life has speeded up – but is it life that is going faster or is it us who are going faster? Busy is becoming a new default way of life; an addiction for some.

Busy is becoming the new “fine”. When someone asked us how we were doing, we used to answer “fine”. But now, often the answer is “Oh, you know, Busy.”

Stop the glorification of busy. It is okay to not be busy. We can live a relaxed, peaceful life that is meaningful and worthwhile. Busy, in and of itself, is not a badge of honor.

Busyness adds to the illusion of more, more being better. The lie that tells us “all we need is more” for things to improve; to do more, have more, consume more, hear more, know more, see more, experience more. . . . . . on and on.

Busyness has been glorified. It seems to say “to be a good and worthwhile person, you must be busy”. And it is worn like a badge of honor, a virtue. I’m busy so therefore I’m important, worthwhile, needed and I matter.

Busy can also be used as an honorable excuse to not do things we don’t want to. Being busy is often used as a handy way to outsource our responsibilities.

Sometimes we can become so used to being busy, that we don’t know what to do when we’re not.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. Like most things in life, busyness is a choice. We are never really forced into a life of busyness. We make our lifestyle choices and our schedules. We don’t have to live such busy lives. Busy doesn’t need to define us. It’s okay to slow down, let go and be happy with a more peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.

We can reconsider and become more intentional with our priorities and choices in life, rather than just allowing them to happen to us. Recognize the inherent value in the word “no.”

Quantity is not necessarily quality.

A balanced life is one of activity and rest, action and inaction. We need to value the time needed to recuperate and regroup ourselves. All things must be in balance. Stop and take the time to smell the flowers. Set aside time for recreation and family/friends. Cultivate space in the daily routine to just do nothing, the world will not fall apart. Take time for a leisurely lunch. Create space in the morning to sit quietly in contemplation or meditation before starting the day. Begin right now.

Busy seems to have become a substitute for so many things. I think for some of us being busy is also a way of distracting and diverting our attention away from our soul’s whisperings and our hearts desires, that for some reason or other we don’t feel we can listen to or honor.

To those of us, I say Stop! Take a breath, just breathe, and take stock of your priorities, your life and yourself. What are you trying so hard not to see, hear, or know?

What do you absolutely love and need in your Life?
What is your heart’s desire?


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8 thoughts on “The Glorification of Busy

  1. Busy is something that i struggle with every day. I want to experience everything life has to offer and to do this i become busy. I am only young and have the energy to “Do Busy” for now as long as i feel that i am experiencing life. However i am finding myself loving it when i am not busy, i find myself “smelling the Roses” more now. My wife and I have just purchased a small hobby farm and have plans on moving out there soon. When i spend time out there now in my Kombi and find myself listening to the birds and just watching the world go by. It is theraputic and helps my then re-charge for my next busy week.

  2. Thank you for this great blog. I really enjoyed the read. I wish you all the happiness and a life naturally lived.

  3. You said everything I feel..and have felt for many years…have never understood people running around and looking at those of us that “choose” not to be crazy and do “all” that stuff….it is a choice…:-)robbie

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