Do You Choose to be Happy?

This is a poem I wrote about 18 years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

Do You Choose to be Happy?

Oh, you the great chooser
Why do you choose to be a looser?
Making the choices of your life
Why do you feel the need for strife?

Making choices is your birthright
There’s no need to take flight
How you live your life is your choice
So stand up and find your true voice

Every word you choose to speak
Says whether you choose strong or weak
Every action or part you choose to play
Carries the choice of a happy or sad day

And every thought you choose to think
Will determine whether you swim or sink
You, the ultimate choice maker
Choosing to be free or a faker

The choices are up to you
What do you choose to do?
Who do you choose to be?
What do you choose to see?

Are your choices making you happy?

Sign Off


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