Starting at the Beginning

B00002121For so many of us our current lifestyle has become anything but Simple, Natural or Sustainable. I am talking here about our move into ‘out of control consuming’, complication and chemicalisation/pollution of ourselves and our environment. A lifestyle where we have begun to look more like slaves and pawns on Life’s Stage, than the independent, authentic people we could be. For many of us it is time to look into a way of life where we can take back more control and become the Authority in our own Lives.

The more I read about cultures that lived what we call a “simple” or “primitive” lifestyle, the more it seems that people in those cultures really were happier than a lot of people who live in our “modern” world. Here I am talking about cultures before they were domesticated and modernised. Some anthropologists believe the hunter-gatherer lifestyle was the original affluent society, free of worries and wants. It has been documented that they only spent an average of 2 hours a day foraging for food, spending the rest of the time telling stories and doing what they wanted. Sounds good to me!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci

Each of us has the power to start taking back control of ourselves and our lives, by moving towards living a simpler, more natural and sustainable life. Some of these changes are:

Learning to live better on less. We can free ourselves up by de-cluttering and simplify our lives and our environment. As an idea, people living on yacht’s with limited space often say that if something hasn’t been used in 6 months to a year, then it isn’t needed and out it goes. Another way of determining what to keep and what to let go of is to ask ourselves if we absolutely love or need something. If we don’t absolutely love or need it, then out it must go because it isn’t a useful or a positive influence in our life.
Slowing our spending is another first important step towards a simpler, more sustainable life. Remembering it’s not what we earn, as much as how we spend it that is important. Spending our money wisely or carefully choosing where we spend our money is one of the powers we have in life.

Learning to produce the necessities of life is easier than you might think and surprisingly rewarding for us, our pocket and the environment. Two places to start are to cook the family meal from scratch or to make your own cheap, non-chemical cleaners. So many of the products we buy today are made for profit, rather than to enrich people’s lives, and can be a veritable cocktail of chemicals and toxicity. Making things ourselves we can be discerning about the ingredients we use, making things as chemical free and as close to the way Nature intended as possible. We can take back control by working in accordance with Nature’s laws and rhythms, not against them.

Reclaiming and relearning the Knowledge and Skills that we have slowly given up over time, in return for our dependent, controlled, instant age – where everything is provided, but at what cost . . .? Some skills that aren’t so widely used anymore are growing a kitchen garden or a herb garden, taking care of some of our own health concerns using simple techniques, or making our own cultured foods ( full of natural probiotics ). There is a revival happening of age old skills and knowledge, as people start to become disillusioned with a lot of our modern ways and start looking for a better and more healthful way. Health is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Taking back control and taking care of ourselves feeds our body, mind and soul.

Living in harmony with ourselves and our planet can be as simple as eating local foods and fresh food in season. So many of us don’t even know what foods are in season, in our area, any more. It is also about living sustainably to reduce our footprint on our lives and the Earth. Life and the Environment is sustainable when it is able to be maintained without resource depletion, or personal and environmental pollution. Living sustainably, in harmony with ourselves and our planet brings peace of mind and a stress free life.



5 thoughts on “Starting at the Beginning

  1. What great blog Christie. I really enjoyed the read and I am excited that my wife and I are heading down this path as we speak. We have just purchased 4 1/2 acres 1 hr north of Perth and plan on living a simpler life where we grow our own food and manage our own waste. Constantly striving towards living as close to self sustainable as we can. Thank you again for your inspiration to keep on moving towards this great way of life.

  2. Wow, your words are an inspiration to us all Christie. So simple and yet so very very true. You really gave me a couple of light bulb moments, keep them coming please.

  3. At our home we have torn up our lawn to replace it with food growing, and that is how we will help ourselves in our later years……it is true, a simple life is a free life..:-)

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